About Us

Since her early days of life, Vaishali was passionate about fashion and dreamt of being the part of the fashion industry. Being brought up in the city of Jaipur,

Starting and running a fashion brand like Vajooni in 2020 was a journey filled with challenges and triumphs. Her dedication and passion have transformed obstacles into stepping stones towards success. Keep shining brightly, Vajooni!

Vaishali Sharma, the visionary founder of Vajooni Jaipur, is on a mission to establish Vajooni as a cultural symbol for women embracing ethnic attire. Through her unique designs and passion for traditional fashion, she aims to empower women to celebrate their heritage in style and elegance.

Vaishali Sharma's dedication to showcasing cultural richness through fashion is reshaping the way ladies perceive and wear ethnic dresses. Her commitment to blending tradition with modernity is making Vajooni a beacon of cultural expression and sartorial sophistication in the world of fashion.